RHLL History

Rochester Hills Baseball League originated sometime before 1963. We know this because as recently as five years ago the league still operated under by-laws dated 1963!

Called Avondale Youth Baseball at one time, and then changed to Avondale Baseball League, in the past decade the name was changed to Avondale – Rochester Baseball League.

There is no town of Avondale, but rather Avondale is actually a school district, which serves kids from Rochester Hills, Troy, Auburn Hills, Pontiac and Bloomfield. Since all of the ball diamonds were located in Rochester Hills, and in an effort to get more community support (including business sponsors), the name of the league was finally changed to Rochester Hills Baseball League in 1995.

But that is how it remains today, with the league serving kids from the two school districts that meet in Rochester Hills, (Avondale Schools and Rochester Schools).

There are some fathers in our league who can recall playing in the Avondale league as young boys, and some have said they actually remember pitching from the same mound out on diamond 7 at what is now the Avondale Middle School site. This sits behind Meadows Elementary School, which at one time was actually the High School for Avondale!!!

We’d love to let people know about your memories of the league, and get more of the league history up on the web site. If you have anything to share with us, please send us an email at: rhll@comcast.net.