Major BB
| Dodgers Major BB | Pirates Major BB | Diamondbacks Major BB | Cardinals Major BB | Athletics Major BB | Orioles Major BB | Rangers Major BB | Red Sox Major BB | Tigers Major BB |

| Raptors AA BB | Grasshoppers AA BB | Bats AA BB | Rockhounds AA BB | Scrappers AA BB |

| Tigers TBall BB | Marlins TBall | Red Sox TBall BB | Orioles TBall BB | Cardinals Tball BB | Diamondbacks Tball BB |

Rookie North BB
| Blue Jays Rookie BB | Tigers Rookie BB | Orioles Rookie BB | Indians Rookie BB | Athletics Rookie BB | Astros Rookie BB | Red Sox Rookie BB | Rays Rookie BB |

Rookie South BB
| Cubs Rookie BB | Braves Rookie BB | Pirates Rookie BB | Cardinals Rookie BB | Nationals Rookie BB | Diamondbacks Rookie BB | Reds Rookie BB |

Junior BB
| Red Sox Junior BB | Tigers Junior BB | Diamondbacks Junior BB | Athletics Junior BB | Orioles Junior BB | Cubs Junior BB |

Senior BB
| Tigers Senior BB | Cubs Senior BB |

Rookie SB
| Tigers Rookie SB | Cubs Rookie SB | Angels Rookie SB |

Minor SB
| Thunder Minor SB | Bats Minor SB | Mud Hens Minor SB |

Major SB
| Angels Major SB | Blue Jays Major SB |

Senior SB
| Cubs Senior SB | Angels Senior SB |

| Volcanoes AAA BB | Bulls AAA BB | Lugnuts AAA BB | Threshers AAA BB | Muck Dogs AAA BB | Iron Birds AAA BB | Sea Dogs AAA BB |

Team Assignments & Structure

Teams are structured using the following guidelines:

RHLL Board appoints all team managers and coaches.T-ball, Rookie BB & SB, and Minor SB Division team assignments

  •  RHLL Board will assign players to teams in non-draft divisions.
  •  Assigned by school as much as possible-some teams may have players from different schools.
  •  Requests to play for a particular manager or with friends will be highly considered, but there will be no promises, as the Board of Directors reserves the right to assign players to teams as necessary. 
  •  At no time may a team have more that the maximum number of players as set by the RHLL Board.  Draft Division (AA BB, AAA BB, Major BB & SB, Junior BB, and Senior BB & SB);
  •  Players in draft divisions will receive a draft rating at a tryout session.
  •  Managers from each division will draft players to their teams following RHLL Draft guidelines. 
Home Away Overall
1Dodgers Major BB55 1211460 1313222 251416689